Beauty und Hairsalon Lana

Extensions – Professional Hair Extension and Thickening

Natural hair, extensions, hair thickening: it doesn’t matter what you call it. The wide range of quality hair extensions from Great Lengths® has enabled an increasing number of women to choose their preferred hairstyles. We’re pleased to inform our clients that we’re one of the few hairdressing salons in South Tyrol capable of offering this service. As the world's leading specialist in quality hair-extensions, Great Lengths® from Italy has been our partner and supplier for years.

Whether it’s a festive occasion like New Year's Eve, a birthday party or a wedding – many women nowadays are keen to experiment with breath-taking hairstyles on special occasions. How about you? Would you also like to change your look? With real human extensions seamlessly interwoven into your own hair, almost anything is possible. Our extensions come in different lengths and tones to suit you best.

If your hair thins out or lacks body, all you need are just a few well-placed extensions to regain a full head of hair. You’ll be amazed at how effective our simple and effective hair-thickening techniques can be, thanks to our quick and easy technique.

What’s behind it? ULTRASONIC Touch® is a new type of technology that uses ultrasonic waves to bond the joins where natural hair and the extensions come together. The ‘flat’ bond formation is hardly noticeable beneath natural hair. Even after multiple applications, this Cold Fusion technology has no negative impact on natural hair or the scalp, and natural hair remains fully intact and healthy.

The price depends on the length and number of extensions. Come in for a free consultation and find out more. Call us at +39 0473 49 22 11, or send an e-mail.

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